Garry’s Mod

  • Developer: Facepunch Studios
  • Genre: Sandbox
  • Version: 14.10.20
User rating:

How download and install Garry's Mod

To download and install Garry's Mod for PC, Android or iOS, click on the "Get it on Steam" button.

Cat Goes Fishing

  • You will be taken to the product page in the Steam Store.
  • If you are a new user, you need to register.
  • Log into Steam.
  • Add Garry's Mod into your Steam Library.
  • select Install Game
  • Follow the store's instructions to install and use Garry's Mod game.

For the game to work properly on your PC, pay attention to the system requirements and the amount of memory used when selecting a disk to install. 

2. If you need more information about Garry's Mod game, we recommend going to the Fan Wiki page. 




Minimal Requireds Recommend Requireds
OS Android 4.4
Processor 2 core 2.2 GHz
Memory 512 Mb
Graphics Adreno 400
DirectX -
Network -
Storage 600 Mb
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